Together We Give Kids a Chance

Our mission is to put education first.The International BookSmart Foundation was founded in 1988 with a simple mission: Give the children of Africa a better opportunity to improve their education. To that end, the International BookSmart Foundation collects donated books, sorts, ships and distributes those books and resources directly to the children who benefit the most. It is our belief that by improving the educational resources available to the children of Africa, a real change occurs in their lives.

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  • What a blessing it is for the children to have access to books and for the teachers to have these excellent teaching materials!
    - Diane Q. Hamrick, Kenya Partner Ministries
  • The donation of books to the Government of Liberia by BookSmart has brought needed relief to the education sector.
    - Dr. Joseph D.Z. Korto, Minister of Education, Liberia
  • Thank you so much for this vital donation.They are very nice books. Many needy and poor children will benefit through this.
    - Rev Josam Kariuki, Nakuru Methodist, Kenya
  • I lack words to express my thanks for the gesture you have in sending these valuable tools to us.
    - Methuselah Manyasa, SAO Kenya