Our Purpose

The IBSF seeks to end the book drought wherever it occurs in the world. We are particularly effective in addressing the needs in very rural areas of recipient countries. In the United States, we procure, process, and pack books for distribution in shipping containers. In the recipient country, we partner with local organizations to distribute the shipment directly on-site. As such, we minimize the costs and opportunities for the shipments to be diverted inappropriately.

We support literacy, education as well as training for educators and librarians. The Foundation is directly responsible for giving millions of children a "hands up" academically, resulting in a dramatic improvement in the test scores and access to education due to BookSmart's intervention.


What We Provide

Around 2000 of the world’s languages are spoken on the African continent. Many of these languages have limited utility beyond their region, However, English is often utilized as a unifying language in African countries and is an official language in 18 African countries. This provides the International BookSmart Foundation a unique opportunity.

Our books are sourced from various US benefactors. School systems, publishers, community and school libraries, individuals, and organizations all contributed to the success of our initiative. Our benefactors realize that although a book may be slightly used, the information contained in its pages remains effective for a lifetime and provides opportunities to children that would not have them otherwise.

The IBSF sources a wide variety of books; however, it is our recipients that select their books according to age level and category.

Our warehouse constantly receives new donations. The items in stock vary by time of the year and which materials are donated. As such, no guarantees can be made as to materials available for donation. We make every effort to match the source materials needs between the recipient organization and our inventory.