How You Can Donate?


The greatest challenge to send books and education materials globally is the cost of shipping. On average, it costs between $8,000 and $10,000 per 40 foot container. These cost covers sea freight to a major seaport , customs clearance fees and inland shipping to the final destination. The International BookSmart Foundation sources all of the donated books for shipment. We do not buy our books. Our recipient organizations in Africa tend to be schools and libraries in very rural and impoverished areas. As such, they do not have the resources to pay for the shipment. We rely on the donors and partners to make the dream of an education a reality for these children.


Books or In-Kind

We gladly accept donations in-kind. Our warehouse utilizes a variety of supplies to ensure the shipments get out on time. We welcome a donation of any of the materials used to package, and ship the books. Some of the materials our warehouse utilizes are:

  • new cardboard boxes,
  • shipping pallets,
  • shrink wrap,
  • box tape,
  • strapping wire, wire clamps 

Your donation defrays these costs and enables International BookSmart Foundation to ship as many books as possible to children of global destinations, who are eager to learn.



If you cannot donate money to the cause, we will gladly accept a donation of your time. Our warehouse is constantly getting new books in from our suppliers. Support in the sorting and repacking of books is greatly appreciated.

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